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On the emancipation of fashion
by Kathryn Carter
In conversation with Waves and Archives founder Manan Ter-Grigoryan, on the acknowledgment of fashion as an artistic medium, and why it matters.
Active Measures – Jamie Hamilton
Hannah Hughes reviews Jamie Hamilton's Torrance Art Museum exhibition, Active Measures.
by Hannah Hughes
Yana Toyber’s Life Aquatic
Jill Di Donato reviews the photography of Yana Toyber.
by Jill Di Donato
Having spent her childhood growing up in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, Yana Toyber was slightly removed from New York City. “Ocean life is what draws me,” she says. “Growing up I was very attuned to the sea. I'd notice how on different days, different sea creatures would wash ashore. One day it was starfish, the next mussels, and then jellyfish.”
Rayvon Owen — Photographed by Emily Jane Davis
George Goodell reviews Rayvon Owen's music and career.
by George Goodell
Rayvon Owen’s young musical career can be divided, almost cleanly, in half. The two phases of Owen’s career straddle his appearance, in 2015, on American Idol, and are contrasted with one another by their varying levels of popularity and musical maturity.
Color Field — Interview with Photographer Lauren Kai Quartey
Color field exploration by Los Angeles-based Lauren Kai Quartey.
by 10011MAG
Read the latest interview with photographer Lauren Kai Quartey and watch her most recent color-based project with model Elaine Chang, MUA and hair artist Kendell Cotta, and stylist Paulina Delapaz.
Introducing London-based Visual Artist Helena Cardow
by 10011MAG
Helena Cardow is a twenty-three-year-old Londoner with a penchant for oil paints, leopard print and anything ginger-flavored. She read Visual Arts and Culture, and Sociology at Durham University and is currently juggling working at a creative agency, and engaging with her personal practice.
Bryan Meador
by Sophie Strand
“In informatics, the signifier can no longer be understood as a single marker, for example an ink mark on a page. Rather it exists as a flexible chain of markers bound together by the arbitrary relations of relevant codes,” writes postmodern literary critic N. Katherine Hayles in her essay, “Virtual Bodies and Flickering Signifier”.
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