Introducing London-based Visual Artist Helena Cardow

on January 25, 2019

  • Helena is a twenty-three-year-old Londoner with a penchant for oil paints, leopard print and anything ginger-flavored. She read Visual Arts and Culture, and Sociology at Durham University and is currently juggling working at a creative agency, and engaging with her personal practice.
  • “Being an only child I’ve spent a lot of time in my own head, you learn very early on how to entertain yourself and your imagination becomes your first friend. Creativity has always been a part of me, all of my schoolbooks were filled with doodles, my skin became a canvas and a blue ballpoint pen my tattoo-gun. I drew on everything and anything, it didn’t have to make any sense or even look aesthetically-pleasing, I just had to leave a mark on something.
  • Until recently, however, I never saw a career in art as a possibility. Society insists upon getting a ‘real job’, and it’s extremely hard to put yourself and your work out there without knowing how people will take to it, and if you’ll ever have a pension. I’ve slowly been easing myself into the bathwater, after getting my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology last year I enrolled in a Master’s in Visual Arts and Culture. It wasn’t a practical course, so I wasn’t spending a lot of time making any art, but it did give me some legitimate time to think about making art…
  • Which brings us to the present, I decided to bring forward the New Year’s resolution by a few months, and have made a personal promise to create something every day. It doesn’t have to make any sense or even look aesthetically-pleasing, I just have to leave a mark on something.”
  • Stradle (2017)This piece is part of my recent creative exploration into digital art using a graphics tablet, combining the traditional motif of the nude with the technical language of graphic design. The softness of the body is juxtaposed against the angular shape to balance the overall image.
  • Artwear Editorial (2017)(4 images)
  • I applied the Stradle (2017) design to a garment to further explore the interrelation of art, fashion, and design, bringing in the concept of wearable art as an alternative to consumer branding.
  • Sustain Series (2011)
  • I took these photographs in the summer of 2011. My mother, a fashion designer, created a conceptual collection of garments for a conservation society show. These pieces each tackled a different theme: The Condom Dress highlights issues around safe sex and the HIV crisis in Africa, The TV Dress tackles the e-waste and recycling issues that modernity has brought, and The Magazine Dress is fashioned from the disposed-of pages of consumerism.
  • I directed and captured the photoshoot against the backdrop of Lagos streets. The professional models juxtaposed against a setting strewn with litter and the decay of debris, adorned in haute-couture trash. This is the state of the earth.
  • Alhambra (2017)
  • Yellow (2017)